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Sometimes you just need a little help

Our “Fresh as a Daisy” bath service is a great choice when all you need is a little help.

You still want to look your best

Even if you can’t get out to get to the salon, we provide a full range of personal care services that will help you look and feel your best.

Laundry and ironing can be hard to get done

But that doesn’t mean you have to live with wrinkled and dirty clothes. We offer cleaning and laundry services to help keep you and your home looking their best.

Sometimes you just need a little help

Whether it is with grocery shopping, housework, or running errands, Always Neighbors is an extension of your family – always here to help.

Making the bed is not always easy

Sometimes it is the little things that trip us up. Like changing the sheets and making the bed. We’ll do it for you, so you can relax in your clean, comfortable bed.

If you are on multiple medications, we can help you keep them straight

Though we cannot prescribe or dispense medicine, we can help keep your prescriptions straight – and help remind you to take them at the right time.

We offer non-medical, personal and home care services that are provided by STNAs, CNAs and other professionals who have a passion for caring for others. We have a superior work ethic and believe in a job well done. We offer services for all ages and needs.

The services listed on this website are suggestions. If you need help with anything, please discuss it with us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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Home & Personal Care

“Fresh as a Daisy” Bath: We can come in for a quick visit. Whatever you need – even if it is just an hour. We can help with a quick bath, light cleaning or quick errands. Some companies have a minimum of 4 hours. We don’t. We can do just an hour.

Your loved-one deserves to feel and look their best. We offer bathing and grooming and without a minimum of time, as opposed to many in the industry who will charge for a minimum of four hours. Your loved-one will enjoy a luxurious bathing experience and get help dressing, and even help with their hair style. This goes a long way in helping our clients feel like themselves again and keeps them healthier, both physically and mentally.

Private caregivers: We understand that everyday life can become very difficult without help, which is why we provide caregivers for personal care, bathing, toilet needs, incontinence, grooming, and dressing.

Oftentimes, spouses or adult children who are caring for a sick or elderly family member can become exhausted and feel overwhelmed. We provide needed relief by offering private caregivers. These professionals will help your loved-one with personal care such as bathing, light housecleaning, meal preparation, grooming, toilet needs, incontinence, and dressing. This gives you precious time for yourself without worrying that you’re neglecting the needs of your family member. You and your loved-one can determine at the outset (or along the way) how much or how little you need from us. Then we’ll be on the spot if you want to get away for a few hours (or a few days!)

24/7 Care Including Live-Ins: Sometimes life requires 24/7 care. We at Always Neighbors are willing to provide complete and loving care that will keep you safe and comfortable in your own home.

Our private caregivers do not live with our clients; rather, they take shifts and rotate caregivers two or three times a day. Each caregiver will already be familiar to your loved-one and will be there to provide light housecleaning, meal preparation, bathing, dressing, grooming, toilet and incontinence needs. This helps keep your loved-one engaged and prevents wandering and loneliness, while giving you the extra support and time that you need for yourself.

Companion Services: Life can get lonely, and social activities can become limited. With Always Neighbors, we provide companion services to keep you engaged socially and allow you to have someone to spend time with.

Always Neighbors private caregivers will be there for your loved-one to provide much-needed companionship. As people age or become infirm, their social circle can dwindle. This can lead to depression, among other health-related issues. Always Neighbors is committed to providing enriching companionship to our clients. We can plan outings, run errands, take them shopping or to places of interest, play games, drive them to church, or simply provide conversation. Helping your loved-one feel that there is still life to be lived can be a boon to their mental and physical health.




Out-of-Home Services

Transportation: We can help you move from place to place with Always Neighbors.

Lack of transportation is the leading cause of isolation and loneliness. We can help your loved-one get to church, social clubs, the store—wherever they need to go to feel connected and active in their community.

Shopping: Always Neighbors will provide shopping assistance for you when you are not able to make it to the store.

Alway Neighbors can either go to the store for necessary items, or take your loved-one to the store so that they can get what they need. Often, a simple trip to the store can make our clients feel active and engaged in life.

Errands: We will run errands for you to make your life easier.

Many of our clients cannot get out of the house on their own. We can run errands such as trips to the bank, grocery store, pharmacy, veterinarian or groomer, or garden center to make sure that your loved-one stays on top of medications, meals, hobbies, or pet care.

Outings: We will help you go to various outings and keep yourself engaged socially and have fun.

Always Neighbors can help enrich the life of your loved-one with outings to museums, book stores, libraries, clubs, senior centers, churches, and more. We can help keep your loved-one socially connected, which will improve their quality of life.




Other In-home Services

Laundry: Here at Always Neighbors, we’ll keep your laundry moving for you. Laundry can be a hassle for you or your loved-one. We can help launder clothes so that our clients look and feel their best.

Home Cleaning: Housework can be quite difficult, especially when you need assistance, so we are willing to help clean your home for you. Always Neighbors is willing to vacuum, do dishes, dust, and tidy up so that our clients are living in a neat and healthy environment.

Home Organizing: We can offer home organizing through our caregivers that have a real knack for turning chaos and clutter into order. The results can be truly wonderful and add to your emotional and physical well-being.

Meal Preparation: We will provide good meals for you so you can stay nourished and feel better. Oftentimes, our clients have lost the ability to handle, or interest in, meal preparation. This can lead to malnourishment and declining health. We make sure that they have healthy, nourishing meals to eat, and that they’re eating what they like, they way they like it.

Pet Services: We can take care of your pets and keep them healthy, happy and supervised in order to ensure their well-being. We can also help take pets to the groomers or veterinarian.

Home Sitters: When you’re out on outings or in a rehab facility, we will take care of your house and your belongings to ensure safety. Always Neighbors can provide house-sitters to give you and your loved-one peace of mind while you’re away. Our home sitting service includes regular home visits to ensure a lived-in appearance of the home, including watering plants, getting the mail, sweeping walks and driveways, lawn mowing, etc.

Home Safety: We will provide a complete safety inspection of your home to identify any potential hazards or unsafe areas. Call us for a free home safety evaluation.

Lawn and Gardening: We will help keep your home’s exterior and yard looking beautiful with our lawn and gardening services. Or, if your loved-one still enjoys gardening, we can assist with providing plants and helping with whatever they need to keep their garden beautiful.

Personal Assistants: We can have personal assistants provide you with services such as letter writing, bill paying, planning, and computer needs in your daily life. Many of our clients feel overwhelmed by tasks that we take for granted. We can help them get emails from their grandchildren, send texts on their phone, or communicate the old-fashioned way! We will help them stay connected and on top of their financial obligations, as well.

Anything You Need: Most of these services are suggestions, we really care about your specific needs, so whatever you need most, we are willing to provide.

“Being a single mother of 2 young children and self employed, I found it difficult to continue to care for my kids father who was declining from the progression of Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. We had minimum assistance from Hospice Home care. When I needed help the most I turned to Cyndi Taylor and her team of home health caregivers. They helped care for Kevin as well as assisted with meals and laundry. I felt like we received the same kind of care they would give their own family. In our greatest time of need they were there. Not only reliable but caring.”

Stephanie, Columbus, Ohio