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Welcome to the Always Neighbors Family Resource Center

We understand that caring for a family member can be overwhelming and exhausting. Please know that we are always here to help you if you don’t understand any aspect of the care your loved one is receiving. To further help you educate yourself, we also offer the Family Learning Center, which features videos and articles about many aspects of care, disease and treatment.

The care for a loved one often involves the whole family – even if they live hundreds of miles away. To help keep everybody in the loop that needs to be Always Neighbors offers the ClearCare Family Room – an online scheduling and messaging platform that connects all the interested parties in one easy to use setting.

Visit our Family Learning Center

We have a variety of resources to help families understand the issues surrounding eldercare. Please click on the link to go there now. You will be asked to register with your e-mail address. Once you do that, all the videos and articles in the site are free and easy to use.

Link to Family Learning Center

Access your personal plan of care

To enable you to stay connected with your family member’s care plan, we provide a secure login for the ClearCare Family Room. There you can leave messages for the caregivers and set up appointments and reminders. Each family member can have their own login, so no matter where you are in world, you can have instant access to know that everything is OK.

Login to ClearCare

To see how the family room works, watch the video below: